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5 tips to help you choose the right recruitment agency

Meet your agency face to face using zoom

Since the coronavirus pandemic, everyone has had to change from what we now consider old practices, and the recruitment industry is no exception having to heavily adapt too. In leu of meeting for a coffee the next best thing is to meet over Zoom or Microsoft Teams so you can get a better sense of their personality and a feel for them by opting to do this.

Ask them about their recruitment strategies

Check with your recruitment agency or recruitment specialist, what candidate checks they do e.g. do they do candidate verification and screening checks? Most reputable agencies will ensure that candidates are as skilled as they say they are through pre-screening tests and verification steps. Some recruiters may take advantage of the COVID crisis and avoid meeting the candidate face to face, again they should be taking this online either via Zoom or Teams. Taking the time to understand their recruitment systems and processes will help you understand just how well they will partner up with you to find the ideal candidate.

Assess their customer service

When choosing the right recruitment agency, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t be left feeling confused, you should feel valued. The bar for customer service should always be as high as you give to others. Ask for a link to see their testimonials, partially Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews as these include any negative feedback and normally give a complete picture. If you feel the agency hasn’t valued their customers to the level you consider acceptable, then consider other recruitment agencies.

Assess how large their candidate pool is  

The main aim of a good recruiter is to ensure that you get the best-suited candidates for your job role. If they have a small pool of candidates, it may be that they have a high level screening process for candidates. If they have a large pool it might be that they are experienced and tested when recruiting in that industry. Again, this goes back to checking their recruitment strategies.

Ask for detailed information about their services, terms and prices

When considering a recruiter, ask for more information about what services they offer, what are their terms and agreements? What about their prices? There’s no point in hiring a recruitment agency or recruitment specialist, if you can’t afford them. Some agencies have niches, and they focus on finding staff exclusively for this niche e.g. Recruiting for industrial and warehousing sectors. The best recruiters are able to move quickly when it comes to finding potential talent. Are they experienced in the field you’re in? It’s good to know that the agency you’re looking for has successfully filled positions for similar companies in the past.

If you’re ready to take the next step, then but the 5 tips to use and give our office a call. One of the team will love to explain in detail how and why we recruit the way we do and what makes us special. Don’t forget to take a look around the rest of our website.

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